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What if...

How would the video games industry have changed if some things happened differently? Would a change, large or small, really have the power to create another reality in the current status quo of the industry? Let's see some interesting, possible scenarios:

Scenario # 1
Atari is the publisher of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the U.S..

NES sells like crazy (surprise, surprise...). Atari acquires Nintendo and renames it to Atari Japan. Atari having the rights of the Nintendo games is making poor ports of Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda on Atari 2600 which are considered lackluster and are buried in the desert of Gobi to banish bad luck. Master System stands as an equall rival to the NES (without the extortionate contracts of Ninty threatening the 3rd party developers) and GameBoy never sees the light of day (and portable gaming in general).

Scenario # 2
PlayStation gets released as a CD add-on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

The console fails to sell as expected. Even "system sellers" like "Super Mario CD" and "Super PlayStation Metroid" are not helping the situation. Sony breaks the contract with Nintendo and withdraws from the market of video games “understanding” the low capacity of the market for its ambitions. The Nintendo64 moves on with only the Sega Saturn as an opponent and the battle with Sega goes on ...

Scenario # 3
Dreamcast never dies ...

Continues even after 2001 to compete with the PS2 through the lifespan of the 6th gen consoles. It leaves in last positions Gamecube and Xbox. Online gaming becomes better with SegaNet now evolving and with Xbox Live trying to compete with it. Sega in 2002 releases the DVD add-on, Sega DVD for the Dreamcast (they never learn...) in order to calm the furious gamers who, with petitions on the internet demand to have GTA (which does not fit on GD-ROM) on the Dreamcast. In 2005, Sega releases the Dreamcast 2-HD with TVD (Terra Versatile Disc) as it's format. Sonic has not turned into Mario’s poor relative (that he is now) but is in it's glory days ...

Scenario # 4
Virtual Boy (VB) makes a tremendous success ...

All gamers have myopia and wear glasses, we are taking oceans of aspirins (because of the headaches) and we have white markings around our eyes (like those that sunbathing leaves under the swimsuit). Portable gaming gives it's position to Virtual portable gaming. Ninty after some time releases VB pocket that is just a VB with different colors. After 5-6 years gives us VB color with a color screen. Continues to use cartridges even when it's driving the revolution in Virtual portable gaming with the Vii which uses motion sensor and nanotechnology to understand the movements of our eyes and our look. It continues to be the market leader even after Sony releases VPSP (Virtual PlayStation Portable) with has much better graphics and a new UMD format which is expected to make a breakthrough!

Scenario # 5
Guitar Hero never gets released.

What would we have if Guitar Hero never got conceived?
The one-word answer is: QUIET