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Video games have... balls

Besides the sexy, light dressed protagonists, the cats and dogs of blood and violence, and the large dose of sex in recent years, the video games industry is shocking with it's aggressive strategy. Have you ever seen a film or a music company having a campaign focusing on the negatives of their opponents??? They are all like “What a spectacular movie you have there” and “what a wonderful CD is that”, “these scenes are amazing”, I'll throw up the lunch I ate with all this kindness. But their deepest desire is to burn the whole studio and to knock them over a bridge. On the other side the world of videogames is not the Oprah Winfrey show where the companies gather round and say good and polite things to each other. Testosterone and adrenaline are those that drive the industry. Sometimes we may have our sugar talking, but we have direct stabbings at chest – or any part of the body– as well! Let's look at some of them:

Company stabbing company

Microsoft vs Sony

Sony, except the fact that gave us the finger back in 2006 when they announced that PS3 won’t be released in Europe, simultaneously with other markets, gave Microsoft the opportunity to mock them. And the beloved Microsoft did not lose the chance to sail up a boat on the Seine river to spoil the launch party of PS3. They even upload a sarcastic website:

Sega vs Nintendo

Besides the very naughty ads like this one or this in the '90s, Sega had such an aggressive strategy of ads for the Mega Drive (aka Genesis) where you didn't see the advantages of the console, but the negatives of the opponent. The famous «Genesis does what Nintendon't» and «Starting November 20th these things (N64, PlayStation) will become doorsteps» of 1998, before the launch of Dreamcast in Japan, made Sega and their advertisers look like fair play fundamentalists in our eyes!

Genesis does what Nintendogs ... uh sorry Nintendon't!

Sony vs all

You wouldn't expect Sony to sit by and watch the others throw mud at their face did you? Apart from the occasional arrogant statements their advertisements were kind of bitter too... Just to show who's in charge!

Piu, piu, piu

Hey Mario come down if you're a man ...

Press stabbing company

EGM vs Sony

"PS3 has no titles, it’s expensive, it doesn’t sell, nobody wants the Blu-ray" and other messages of "love" sent the press, electronic and otherwise, to Sony for their latest console the first year the PS3 was released. But EGM made the big step to wake up the sleeping Sony ...

Next Generation vs Nintendo

Something similar to what Sony experienced, Nintendo had to deal with some years ago with and the "warm" reception of the N64 from the public and the press... "Why are there not enough games, why does it still use cartridges, why PlayStation is first? Why mommy?”
7 years of bad luck ... at least until you get the DS released!

3rd type stabbing (3rd parties)

Tomonobu Itagaki (Team Ninja's ex-boss) vs Namco

When Tomonobu Itagaki starts talking opening an umbrella is not going to do much! The creator of Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden series is no fan of Tekken and he thought it would be a great idea to kindly say it "Tekken 4 is a piece of shit". After that, he wasn't sure he made himself clear and added "Tekken sucks". Indeed, we couldn't tell the first time ...

Gabe Newell (Valve) vs PlayStation 3

Never say never. While Mr. Newell of Valve was very expressive that the PS3 is not suitable for creating games «a waste of everyone's time» and «a disaster on many levels» even proposed to Sony, the withdrawal of the console «I'd say, even at this late date, they should just cancel it and do a do over» came out on E3 2010 and while "apologized" informed us that Portal 2 would come to PS3. I like people with a stable character! How some things change! Since we saw Sonic on a Nintendo console and Banjo on Microsoft's one, nothing can surprise me anymore! Only if I see Mario on a Sony console I will quit video games and start knitting!

Gamers vs Gamers

Here come the unconventional weapons! In each generation with the new hardware we have a new console war. Every gamer chooses his camp, either openly or more distantly and as "unbiased" as possible. There are no laws and regulations, or truce and white flags in this war. Even the console that has not sold well, has no games, not even the creator has it in his own collection, even this console will have even one fanboy to support it to death.
If Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are the forts, if 360, Wii and PS3 are flags, then the fanboys are the soldiers of the industry. With battle cries: "Wii has no hardcore games," "PS3 has no good online», «360 has RROD" with name calling Xbots, Wiitards, Playslaves and the mascot / chieftains Master Chief, Mario, Kratos all, from the 13 year olds with ADHD to 30 year olds will come out in the trenches of the forums to defend their beloved console with all possible ways and means. And here lies the biggest difference of our industry. We love our hobby, it becomes personal and we acquire another relationship than with a film that will end or a song that will get boring. We live our games and that is why we keep them in us as a personal experience that many of us make it a little more personal! Long Live Video Games!

Old but timeless ...

Pacifists ...
There are those who want to bring the companies closer ... with their own weird way. Hardcore gamer gets a whole new meaning ...